The site is alive!

So finally the DrupalCon Asia site is live! A lot of detail and hard-work is finally coming to fruition. The site was a mammoth task to conquer. There were a lot of initial concepts that we tossed around to get to what we finally did. 

Like always, I started with an initial sketch. I pasted A4 sheets together and drew out the entire site I had conceptualized. You can find the sketches below. After having shared the initial sketch with the DA team and after a few rounds of iterations, the sketch was finally approved and I started translating everything digitally. The site was a creative challenge since it had to accurately represent the truck art used on the Indian trucks and also marrying them with the colors as decided in the initial style guide was not easy. Truck art is one of the only forms of art that somehow in some weird way manages to use almost every color available in the spectrum and yet manages not to make it look gaudy! 

I wanted the home page to look absolutely grand. A lot of time and effort was spent in the detailing of the cover page art as you can see below. This was the gateway to the entire website and it had to have a very high shock value. I wanted to create something bold and attractive and I guess what I made served it's purpose. 

The session track icons comprise of elements commonly used in truck art. Their significance is as follows:
1) Elephant - Symbolizes abundant knowledge and memory.
2) Fish - Symbolizes prosperity and life.
3) Limbu Mirchi (Lemon and Chillies) - A talisman to used in India to ward off evil.
4) Tiger - The national animal of India depicting grandeur. 
5) Kalash - A coconut in a copper pot along with leaves. Meant to be a good luck charm for new beginnings, people usually put it inside a new house or office initially or even after marriage when the bride enters the husbands house for the first time. It's a symbol of abundance and considered as a source of life. 
Read the Wikipedia article for more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalasha
6) Parrots and lotus - The parrot in Hindu mythology is associated with Kama, the god of love. I symbolizes grace and the lotus is the national flower of India and symbolizes purity of the body, speech, and mind.
7) Swords and Shield - Commonly used in battles symbolizing victory and since this is the first time DrupalCon is coming to Asia, it's synonymous to have conquered a new territory.
8) Namaste - An Indian Greeting often used to welcome or while bidding farewell.

Check out the site here: https://events.drupal.org/asia2016

The home page of DCAsia 2016 

Session Tracks section of the DCAsia 2016 website

The initial sketch of the website

The detailed sketch of the cover page

DrupalCon Asia 2016, Mumbai - The Logo

The DrupalCon Asia 2016, Mumbai logo

A lot of thought went behind the conceptualization of the logo. I scouted the DrupalCon sites and had a look at what the logos looked like over the years for the various conferences that happened around the globe. 

There was one thing that I knew for sure, I wanted to bring as much of India to the logo as I could and for that, there couldn't be a better way than to portray it through truck art. India and Pakistan are known for painting transportation vehicles in bright vivid colors with traditional Indian motifs on them. In fact, being a truck artist is a dying profession since the invention of paste-on decals. Some of the truck artists are leading a hand-to-mouth existence and barely making ends meet. They have to look to express their talent through other means and mediums. 

Fortunately, over the past few years,  young artists have recognized the potential of truck artists and have collaborated with them and given them the exposure they deserve. The dying art has slowly started to garner attention globally. 

So I decided to do my part in reviving the truck artist and that's how I decided to go for truck art as a theme for DrupalCon Asia 2016. 

The logo depicts a peacock, which happens to be India's national bird. I looked at Drupal's logo and instantaneously thought of the Peacock. They were perfect matches. The shape of the logo complimented the shape of the Peacock with it's feathers spread around. A peacock is a symbol of diversity and grace and just felt like the right fit for DrupalCon Asia 2016. Also, the peacock is prevalent in most truck art. 

In the next post, you'd see more of the truck art theme spilling over to the splash page of the DrupalCon Asia 2016 site. Keep watching!

Some examples of truck art

And so it happened! DrupalCon Asia 2016 - Mumbai

Just this morning, the location for the next DrupalCon was announced! DrupalCon Asia is happening in our very own, aamchi Mumbai! The reveal at the DrupalCon LA was a great success and has generated a lot of buzz. In the upcoming post, I'm going to be discussing about the logo I created for DC Asia. Look out for this space. Lots of stuff coming up!

So, the news came in!

I was a bit lazy, didn't start this blog the day the news came in. However, It felt awesome to know that we bagged the contract for designing the DrupalCon Asia 2016. It is scary being entrusted with the designing of an entire event, but as days are passing by, this just seems like more and more fun.

My artworks typically reflect puns and quirk, with a dash of humor infused in them and that's just what I'm gonna introduce in my designs for the DrupalCon Asia 2016 too. Watch this space and know what's brewing up in our studio for the DrupalCon Asia 2016!

Hi-5 to the team at the Drupal Accociation, especially Holly Ross, Amanda Gonser and Tim Lehnen. Also a huge shout out and thank you to Ani Gupta!