DrupalCon Asia 2016, Mumbai - The Logo

The DrupalCon Asia 2016, Mumbai logo

A lot of thought went behind the conceptualization of the logo. I scouted the DrupalCon sites and had a look at what the logos looked like over the years for the various conferences that happened around the globe. 

There was one thing that I knew for sure, I wanted to bring as much of India to the logo as I could and for that, there couldn't be a better way than to portray it through truck art. India and Pakistan are known for painting transportation vehicles in bright vivid colors with traditional Indian motifs on them. In fact, being a truck artist is a dying profession since the invention of paste-on decals. Some of the truck artists are leading a hand-to-mouth existence and barely making ends meet. They have to look to express their talent through other means and mediums. 

Fortunately, over the past few years,  young artists have recognized the potential of truck artists and have collaborated with them and given them the exposure they deserve. The dying art has slowly started to garner attention globally. 

So I decided to do my part in reviving the truck artist and that's how I decided to go for truck art as a theme for DrupalCon Asia 2016. 

The logo depicts a peacock, which happens to be India's national bird. I looked at Drupal's logo and instantaneously thought of the Peacock. They were perfect matches. The shape of the logo complimented the shape of the Peacock with it's feathers spread around. A peacock is a symbol of diversity and grace and just felt like the right fit for DrupalCon Asia 2016. Also, the peacock is prevalent in most truck art. 

In the next post, you'd see more of the truck art theme spilling over to the splash page of the DrupalCon Asia 2016 site. Keep watching!

Some examples of truck art